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Modularity and locality in interpretation

For the student, this research is expected to be significant as additional reference in conducting related research. When we look at clear cases in which a single word is synonymous with a less lexicalized and longer phrase, we often find no difference in implicature e.

Determinacy Grice's determinacy condition states that S conversationally implicates p only if S has to believe and implicate p if S's utterance is to be consistent with the Cooperative Principle. Metaphors are often difficult to interpret.


Ellipsis allows people to say things without even uttering sentences. Euphemisms avoid mentioning the unmentionable, but in the process violate Manner and Quantity.

M provides no reason, however, to predict 6a or 7b. This fact of life is no reason to shun abduction or other forms of induction when seeking to discover implicatures. She got the machine to stop. So the neo-Griceans hold that 13 always explicates 13a while sometimes implicating 13b.

If this explanation were sound, we could equally well conclude that the speaker implicated that Tom and Bill moved the piano separately, given that the speaker also did not make the stronger statement that they moved the piano together.

The researcher also recommended for the future studies that they might have similar research with different perspective such as speech act used in the epigraph. The first, conventional implicature is used when the epigraph clearly understood The context was clear enough.

It was not the Cooperative Principle that required her to believe that she loves parties. But whereas the neo-Griceans hold that 13 means 13a rather than 13bCarston maintains that 13 means neither.

BOT can be applied to the problem of predicting and explaining what is implicated on the basis of what is said via an appropriate Optimality Principle.

The latter technique has various consequences interesting on their own, explored in Chapter 8. Levinson takes this to imply that 9 implicates 9c: If 6a is derivable from R, why isn't 7a.

The researcher has conducted the research by herself by using theory of implicature. Carston holds that 13 is sometimes used to explicate 13a and sometimes 13b ; neither is an implicature. Their theory, however, has similar deficiencies.

And we have no way of measuring processing cost—not even a unit. The goal of the Theoretical Definition, however, is to set out necessary and sufficient conditions for an implicature to be conversational, and the Generative Assumption seeks to describe conditions that explain why the implicatures exist.

Not believing that all smoke suffices. It makes the slogans have their great role in the campaign of the manufacturer to sales, to the presented product and to imply a good image of the product and the manufacture itself.

First of all, my sincerest gratitude extends to Drs. We cannot simply look for the most accessible way to convey what is being communicated, for this theory is supposed to predict what is being communicated based solely on considerations of efficiency.

For Grice, irony involves flouting the maxim of Quality. Based on the background of the study above the researcher has some problems proposed here are: Mostly the content of slogan is persuasion.

Apr 03,  · ASHARI, HIMAWAN () Abstract This research paper is aimed (1) to describe the linguistic forms of the slogan in the TV commercial advertisement product, and (2) to explain the implicature of each slogan on the products which are advertised in the TV commercial advertisements.

Thesis: Ph. D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Linguistics and Philosophy,and subsequent works), I will offer a conceptualization of implicature computation on which assertive and pre-suppositional implicatures are derived in grammar, allowing a uniform account of the phenomena of interest.

View Notes - from SOCI S at Harvard University. The Question Under Discussion Focus Condition for Scalar Implicatures Arjen Zondervan MA Thesis Linguistics: The Study of the Language Faculty UiL-OTS, Universiteit Utrecht An implicature is a part of the meaning of a sentence that is not given by.

THESIS Submitted as a Partial Fulfillment of Requirements Rarastesa, MA. This means so much in finishing this research. To my parents, for all the supports, love and affection.

I’m very sorry for all the mistakes I’ve made. I love you all. the researcher relies on implicature, focused on the conversational implicature. ma thesis implicature manchester uni dissertation binding john mcphee essays online ocr as ict coursework introducing a counter argument in an essay is a thesis the first sentence of an essay jane austen pride and prejudice critical essays martin luther king jr essay contest polk county.

Ma thesis implicature
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